History of the Breed

The Following is taken from “THE WYANDOTTE FOWL” published by the Ferris Publishing Company, in 1884.

“It was, without doubt, the intention with the first cross to produce an improved Cochin Bantam, the cross being a Sebright Bantam cock with a Cochin hen. When the size proved too large they were offered and illustrated as Sebright Cochins. This suggested the cross of Silver Spangled Hamburgs with Buff Cochins. These two crosses mingled with another cross with a half-Buder and Cochin hen, became the blood mixture of the early birds offered to the American Poultry Association as American Sebrights. Their friends could not agree as to the comb being single or double, as it was then expressed, and the name being so suggestive of an American Bantam, the request was refused and the matter referred back to a committee.

About the same time, a cross of a Silver Hamburg with a Dark Brahma hen produced a still more desirable type, having pea combs. Mr Kidder, of Northampton, contended earnestly for this characteristic being accepted as the regulation. But these crosses, while being bred by themselves, presented troublesome features of both feathered and smooth legs, single and rose, also pea and rose combs. The best birds were called Eurekas. When these two wings, or original crosses, were brought together, more uniform specimens were produced, the Hamburg blood being in the greater proportion, the combs, in the majority of cases, assumed a more rose appearance, though smaller and closer to the head, the feathers disappeared from the legs, yet the golden color of skin and legs remained. The males, in color, reverted strongly to Dark Brahma color, and the females gave evidence of their Hamburg ancestry by presenting a laced plumage.”

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If you wish to become a member, please go to the Membership page where you can download the application form. When completed, send it to the Club Secretary.